• Bryan Adams performing
  • Shah Rukh Khan and Rani Mukerji performing @ army stadium
  • Hariharan and Runa Laila. A Night With Hariharan
  • Salman Khan performing at Dhaka Stadium


Sas -total solution for events,  is one of the leading sound system rental company in Bangladesh.
We specialist on following fields given below.


SAS has maintained a stronghold on the audio rental market by differentiating its products with top-notch technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Audio support for tradeshows, meetings, and corporate rentals are custom tailored to your every specification.

Mixing Console
*Soundcraft Vi3000
* Yamaha M7CL
* Yamaha - LS9
* Soundcraft GB8 - 40 Channel
* GB4 - 32 Channel

* Meyer Sound - M3D
* Meyer Sound - M3d sub
* JBL SRX 725
* Peavey QW4

System Processing
* Meyer - Galileo 616
* Meyer - LD3
* Meyer-CP-10
* Ashly - Protea 3.6 SP
* DBX – Drive rack

Wage Monitor
* Peavey QWM

In-ear Monitor
* Sennheiser SR300 G3

* Crossover - Ashly- Digital Crossover   DBX- Drive rack
* Compressor - Focusrite -   ComPounder & DBX - Dual - 166A

Processor & Dynamics
* Lexicon MPX-500 & Lexicon
*Yamaha - SPX 990, Yamaha REV 500,   Yamaha - SPX 1000
* Klark teknik & Yamaha, Graphic &   Parametric Available[

*BBE - 862 Dual

Back Line Stage Gear
* Yamaha Stage Custom Drums
* Lead Guitar amp Marshal JCM 2000
* Lead Guitar amp Mode Four
* Lead Guitar amp Fender MH
* Bass Guitar amp Ampeg -SVT – 7Pro / 810 E
* Bass Guitar amp Fender – BASSMAN 400
* Bass Guitar amp Hartke HA 5500C Dabble cabinet XL

* Focusrite - DBX - Dual - 166A
* EFX - Lexicon MPX-500
* EFX - Lexicon MPX-550
* EFX - Yamaha - SPX 990
* EFX - Yamaha REV 500
* EFX - Yamaha - SPX 1000
* EQ - Klark teknik
* EQ – Yamaha
* EQ – DBX - iEQ


SAS stocks the largest, multi- dimensional and most current inventory of hi-tech lights. SAS provides custom configurations or standards based equipment on all rentals.

Light Controllers
Clay Paky
* Pearl - 2010
* Pearl - 2000

Moving Head
Clay Paky
* Stage profile plus SV1200
* Beam 1500
* Beam 300
* Sharpy 280
Night Sun
* Moving Head 1200

* DJ Power

Par Can/LED Par
* LED 54X3W
* Par 64


SAS is the only inventory company in Bangladesh with the most powerful, Multicolored and powerful beamed laser light. The independent laser sources allows us to play around with the creation of a full spectrum of colors providing more and more Opportunities. Available Laser power are 1 watts, 3watts, 6 watts and 10 watts. The laser package with the most advanced software – Pengolin is deal for displaying text, logo, patterns Animated sequence, ILDA files and exclusive beam show.

Solid State DPSS Lasers
* Laser Animations Germany, 5 w Green DPSS Lasers
* Arctos Germany, 2.5w Multicolor DPSS Lasers
* Arctos Germany, 10w Multicolor Lasers
* Kavant Laser System

Laser Software and Controllers
* Pangolin Laser Controller

LED Screens

Extremely quick to install, these LED cabinets weigh only about 10.5 kg each allowing for a quick setup and dismantle . This is the first LED video wall in Bangladesh that uses black-bodied LEDs that provide an extremely high contrast ratio. This makes it ideal for corporate events and presentations

Audio Visuals

We do event documentation & filming and multimedia projection support with online and offline editing support. Multimedia Projector, LED Monitor with stand, Digital Display.

Fixed Installation

SAS installs sound system & light system in auditoriums, clubs, convention center, meeting, entertainment venue and has vast experience in corporate rental requirements.

Stage Setup & Decoration

A very exceptional and creative sector of SAS! Unlike any other company, SAS intends to ease its clients with all support possible. So event with an off-track section such as stage set-up, SAS specializes with a team of very dedicated and creative designers to do a thematic stage, entry gates, stands and hall decoration.

Truss & Stage Platform

Size - 80'x60'x36' All Electric chain hoists

Artist Contact

From the topmost names of Bangladesh performing art – to new comers – we work with them all. Solo artist, Musician, Band, Dance group, Magician, Fire acrobat, Puppet show, mime, Tribal performance, Disk jockey [DJ], Actor, Actress. You name it & we will make sure your dream comes true.

Practice Pad

JAMMING ZONE A professionally equipped practice pad for musical band and solo artist.